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Property Presentation
Property Presentation or Home Staging is all about making your property irresistible to the majority of viewers in order to achieve a quick & profitable sale or rental.

Ask yourself the following questions.
  • Do you want to make money from the sale of your home?
  • Do you want to move quickly with the minimum of fuss?
  • Do you want to sell within weeks rather than months?
  • Are you unsure of where to spend money on your home?
  • Has your home been actively marketed without success?
  • Have you received offers below your expectations?
Property Presentation is a tried and tested formula used widely throughout the USA & UK.
The current market is a buyer’s one and competition is high. Homes can stick on estate agents books or receive unacceptable offers. As property prices have rocketed over the past few years in Mallorca, I believe that “buyer expectation” has created a big decline in quick profitable sales. Property Presentation can help any home owner get the best price in the least amount of time possible.

“The most expensive purchase in our lives is normally our home, so it should go without saying that every buyer is looking to get the most for their money.”

Whether you are selling a bed-sit, a mansion or anything in between, the use of Home Staging will easily maximize the selling potential and increase the value of your property.

The buyer has so many homes to choose from in today’s market that you must make sure that yours is the one that appeals to the majority.
Today’s buyers are looking for space, function and lifestyle. Psychologically they have to be able to imagine themselves living in and being at home in your property. Even people who can visualize past the colour, clutter or un-cleanliness will find an excuse to offer you less money. Your property must look and feel right.

Most buyers will make their decision within the first 60-90 seconds.

Just as a promoter will use a show house to seduce a purchaser, you should think about making your property as appealing as possible.

The Times “selling your property is like getting ready for a date, you want to make a good impression straight away .Property presentation services offers consultations on how to prepare your home before putting it on the market”

“Obtaining an objective third party viewpoint can be very valuable when preparing a property for sale” Peter Bolton King, chief executive of the National Association of Estate Agents.

A property presentation consultant like myself will give honest & impartial advice. The home owner then with the help of their consultant will decide how much they want to invest in their homes preparation based on their own individual needs.
If you are just about to phone your local estate agent or have been trying unsuccessfully for some time to get that sale, here are a few commonsense tips that will enable you to get the highest price for your home and fast!

Firstly you must learn to look through the buyer’s eyes before you put your home on the market. If you can distance yourself from your personal surroundings the results will pay off dramatically.

Top 10 tips.
  1. Kerb appeal – Give the right message to the buyers and they will want to come in and see more.
  2. De-clutter – If the buyer can’t even see the room behind the junk then he will never visualize himself living in it.
  3. Clean – No one likes the idea of someone else’s dirt, clean thoroughly and then keep it up.
  4. De-personalise – Don’t distract the buyer with your personal life and family, let them imagine themselves living their life in your home.
  5. Neutralise – Create a look and colour scheme that will appeal to the broadest buyer audience.
  6. Lifestyle – Remember to present a harmonious home where your buyer can envisage entertaining, relaxing, dining, sleeping etc. in comfort and style.
  7. Lighting – Make sure windows let in as much natural light as possible and back it up with sufficient artificial light fittings.
  8. Focal points – Give the buyer a focal point and they will immediately feel more at ease.
  9. Sight & sound / touch & smell – Living plants and artwork, pleasant background noise, textures, temperatures and fresh air will feast the senses of potential purchasers.
  10. FIRST IMPRESSIONS – Stand back and take a look, make sure that every site is subtle and stylish.
When putting your home on the market it is almost always necessary to thin out your furniture & furnishings. If needed storing your surplus furniture is not as difficult or expensive as you may think, and clearing some space will definitely allow the buyer to visually move in.
How much furniture and how it is arranged can have a huge effect on the visual space of each room in the house.
Over the last couple of years Mallorca has seen an increase in self storage companies which offer affordable, accessible storage solutions until you make that important move.
Although too much furniture can make a room appear smaller, an unfurnished room will quickly disappear from a buyers mind and the memory of your property will have shrunk considerably.
As Property Presentation is a reasonably new concept to Mallorca, furniture hire is not yet readily available. However there are solutions to the problem of showing an empty unfurnished house and I would be more than happy to help anyone in this situation if it is delaying a sale.

It is a proven fact that buyers are willing to pay a higher price for a home that they feel they do not have to invest a lot of time and money into putting right so;
  • Don’t raise any red flags in the buyers mind.
  • Don’t leave anything that will make them think of a costly repair. i.e. damp.
  • Don’t block the views with clutter or net curtains (as long as they are attractive).
  • Don’t leave beds unmade or dirty laundry hanging around.
  • Don’t have lengthy conversations with your viewers, leave that to your estate agent who will know what the viewers is looking for.
  • Don’t have the whole family and their friends in the house during viewings, less is definitely more when it comes to showing your property.
“The entrance is like the “gateway to your home”. It is where you announce yourself to the world. Buyers will decide here if this house is worth more than a passing glance. Use a welcoming colour on the walls and give the buyer something interesting or attractive to focus on immediately upon entering, such as fresh flowers or uplifting artwork. Make sure the smell is clean and fresh and remember that you never get a second chance to make a First Impression.

A small investment in your home could reap huge rewards!

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